Saturday, August 3, 2013

* Summer Color Inspiration... #Reveal

Today is summer color inspiration blog hop reveal host by Sharyl's Jewelry...
I like mix several color that look harmonious.....sometimes mix warm color with bright color..... :)

For this challenge Sharyl giving seven mix several colors to choose as below...
#1:  dark pink, yellow, dark purple
#2:  lime green, yellow and pinkish-red...
#3:  periwinkle, berry, yellow, green
#4:  raspberry/fuschia, carnation pink, bright yellow, sage green
#5:  white, soft pink, cranberry, yellow
#6:  bright yellow, raspberry, lime
#7:   fushia, violet

I choose number 2 as shown in this picture...

...lime green, yellow, pinkish red...
We are not required to use every color...just use at least 2-3 colors...
I used all colors to make a necklace named "rainbow"... :)
I used several materials.....rose jade stone, crystal, java glass beads, rhodonite stone, unakite stone, shell, agate stone,seed bead, howlite stone, cat eye stone, copper wire and leather cord from Nina Designs... necklace was so bright, colorful and look happy....  :)


...rainbow necklace...
Thank you Sharyl for your color inspiration... :)
See other participants as below :

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Kashmira Patel                     Sadafulee...always in bloom!
Lisa Lodge                             A Grateful Artist - Pine Ridge Treasures    
Tanty Sri Hartanti               TJewellicious by Tanti  --> YOU ARE HERE   
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  1. Oh. My. God!!!!!!
    That is fabulous! From the "rainbow" to the clasp!

    1. ,thanks for your compliment kashmira... :),,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Like Kashmira, I just can't get over your "Rainbow" creation, Tanty! I thought this was an interesting color combination in the photo and that this lime green flower or stem was so unusual too. You really made the most of it all in your jewelry piece! You managed to create a design that uniquely pulls all the colors together like a bouquet! The colors you used, wirework, and design are all inspired and so very impressive! I'm so glad you joined us! ~Sharyl

    1. thanks for your compliment sharyl...
      Your color inspiration make me create this necklace.....glad to hear you like it..! :)
      Thanks for your color inspiration & hosting this challenge... :)

  3. What a spectacular necklace! Your wire work is wonderful.

  4. This necklace is great. I love the color combination, the wire work, the details. Really well done.

    1. thanks for your compliment An...
      I follow shary'l color inspiration to combine the colors... :)

  5. I love all the colors in the necklace. It just makes me smile. The clasp is awesome as well. It is an amazing detail.

  6. Oh my gosh - that has to be one of the prettiest necklaces I have ever seen, Tanti! Wonderful in every way.

  7. Dear Tanti,
    I bow before you and sing your design praises!! Your design style is awesome. Your skill level is amazing and your sense of color is spot on. Just beautiful, my friend, just beautiful!! :)


    1. many thanks for your praises Laren...I was flattered... :)

  8. Fabulous Tanti! The colours just sing together and your design is fantastic!