Wednesday, September 18, 2013

*Creating with cabochons challenge... #Reveal

Today is reveal day for "creating with cabochons challenge" host by Sally Russick from The Studio Sublime’s...

Creating cabochon to be something is really really challenge for me...
I have so many cabochons which I bought them 3 years ago...
But I never buy cabochons again since I can't play with them... :)
Until in August, Sally Russick posting this challenge...'s my challenge...!  :)
I tried hard to creating this cabochon...oooh I desperate with

...unfinished work...

But I have to finished my work.....
And here is what I made.....bangle with turqouise cabochon stone...

I'm so sorry I only finished one cabochon...
I'll try again later... ^_^
Thank you Sally for this challenge.....It's really challenge me... :)
And thanks all for your stopping by...

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  1. Wow! You did a fantastic job with this wrap bracelet. So much wire work and done so beautifully.

  2. Wonderful bracelet. Can't imagine the work that goes into this.

    1. thank you! mee too...can't imagine how creating the same again... :)

  3. WOW! That is one amazing bracelet! Simply gorgeous!

  4. Wow! your one piece is stunning! I love copper and turquoise together.

    1. thanks for your compliment Jo-Ann...
      Yes I love too! :)

  5. A gorgeous piece, Tanti! Your wire work is beautifully details and finished. Love your eye for design and color, too.


  6. "Only" one? This bracelet is amazing! I wish I could do such even, intricate wire work. Really nice!

  7. Holy Moly! That blew me away! Wow. Wicked cool.

  8. Tanty! Your color palette for the bracelet is spectacular and the wirework is PHENOMENAL!! WOW!!! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge! I'm speechless and just keep scrolling back up to look at the bracelet. WOW!!

    1. thanks for your compliment Sally..!
      and thanks again for this challenge..! :)

  9. This is phenomenal! You are an artist. I could go on and on, but I don't have the words to tell you how amazed I am by this piece. How do you keep the copper shiny?

    1. thanks for your compliment...
      I used enameled copper wire so it's look shiny if I used bare copper wire I have to oxidized it... :)

    2. If any part of piece was oxidized...used baking soda to stop oxidation process and to keep copper still shiny.. :)

  10. Beautiful work - your wirework skills are awesome. I just love the design, copper and turquoise are always perfect partners.

  11. You only finished one- seriously? You finished one AMAZING piece that counts as 6 for a normal person. Stunning work!

    1. I sign in this challenge 2 month ago and I only finished 1 piece...oooh...
      thanks for your nice words Cathie.. :)

  12. Awesome work I love the wire wrapped bracelet it is gorgeous.

  13. Wow, this is amazing. I love everything, colors, stones, technique. It is a gorgeous piece!

  14. Fantastic, and so beautifully neat! I love the use of the seed beads in your wire work and the in progress photos.

    1. thanks Niky..! I used seed beads that was inspired by Lisa Lynn Barth... :)

  15. Wow, I could just look at that bracelet for a long time. Its so flowing, swirly and intricate. What amazing work. Do you improvise as you go, or do you have a definite plan? Really wonderful.

    1. thank you Liz..!
      I never sketch it... I just imagining it then improvised so the end result is often not the same as I imagined before..! :)

  16. I'm so late in stopping by, Tanti, but glad I've finally made it! This is amazingly beautiful! It would take me years to complete this, and then it wouldn't look half as lovely as this! You are masterful!

  17. Tanty, this cuff is amazing! I have one question, is it for sale? The turquoise and copper sincerely speak to me and I don't have the patience or skill to work with wire. I admire your talent and absolutely LOVE this cuff!

    1. P.S. If you are interested in selling this cuff, email me what size wrist it fits and your asking price. Thanks!

    2. yes it's for sale...but I'm sorry it was sold... :)
      I can make the similar one if you want...I'll mail you... :)

  18. Wow. Just wow! Such intricate wire work.

  19. I agree with Renetha...WOW! It is beautiful! Thanks for showing.

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