Wednesday, August 1, 2012

* August Giveaway from B.O.C !!!

Every month BOC (Beads of Clay) always have "Wonderfull Giveaway"...!
In August 2012, here's this giveaway :

Those beads are from talented artisan...
Left to right and top to bottom :
Lisa Nilsen -  Trollsmed
Diana Ptaszynski - Suburban Girl Beads
Vladislav Ivanov - Golem Studio
Mary Harding - Mary Harding Jewelry
Lisa Boucher - ClayworksNH
Joan Miller Joan Miller Porcelain 

I really want all of them...!!! :)
You want it too?
Grab these wonderfull beads by click BOC blog as below :
           Beads of Clay Blog: August Giveaway

Maybe we are lucky..... !  :)

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