Monday, October 29, 2012

* October Fest Blog Hop - Toltec Jewel...

I'm one of participants of "October Fest" by Toltec Jewel.
28th october is the reveal day.
I'm thankful to Rita as the host that has been allowed me to take this party...  :)
I'm having internet connection problem so I'm late for posting this.
I'm sorry for the delay... :)

This is my 2nd blog hop after LoriAnderson's BSBP.
October Fest is celebrate autumn...
I don't know how to celebrate autumns because in my country (Indonesia) only have 2 seasons (dry or summer season & rainy season).
Now is rainy season in here... :)

But I try to describe autumn in my necklace as below...
I give name "fall of leaf" necklace... :)

In my country, tradition of celebrate halloween is not familiar...
From google I found that
halloween is a tradition of celebration the night of October 31st. Children celebrated halloween by wearing spooky costumes and going from door to door asking neighbors candy or chocolate, saying "Trick or treat!". *WOW*
Halloween is identical with the devil, witches, ghosts goblins, carved pumpkin and creepy creatures of Western culture.
Mmm....I do not have any stuff that describes all of that until I found an owl metal charm and lampwork that similar with pumpkin.
I made became a set of jewellry (bracelet, necklace & earring).
I give name "owlween" bracelet, "two owl" necklace and "yellow pumpkin" earring... :)

I really enjoyed this blog hop...
Big thanks to Rita - Toltec Jewel as a host...
Happy belated birthday for you...! :)

Below is a list of the participants :

Host : Toltec Jewels  
Heather Otto           
Mischelle Fanucchi  
Marlene Cupo         
Shaiha Williams      
Shelly Graham Turner
Shelly Joyce            
Charlie Jacka
Pam Sears               
Margareta Saari     
Marita Suominen   
Lisa Posthumus     
Jeannie Dukic         
Cheri Reed              
Arlene Dean            
Duffy Blevins          
Susan Kennedy      
Dita Basu                
Sonya Ann Stille    
Audrey Allen         
Kashmira Patel     
Kathy Lindemer   
Kris Mattingly      
Lennis Carrier      
Shannon Hicks     
Paula Hisel            
Karin Slaton         
Shirley Moore      
Alicia Marinache  
Valeria G. Rome  
Zoe Marcin          
Carolyn Lawson  
Kimberly Booth  
Sherri Stokey      
Tanya McGuire   
Debbie Rasmussen
Christine Stonefield
Tanty Sri Hartanti --> YOU ARE HERE
Sandra McGriff  
Renetha Stanziano
Evelyn Shelby    

Colene Waltermire
Lee Nova            

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  1. Your first necklace is so beutiful. What a wonderful colours and beutiful leafs.

  2. Your jewelry is lovely! Thank you for sharing your Halloween traditions--very interesting.

  3. Gorgeous fall pieces - love them all!!!

  4. Owlween is great! I had to take Rita to ER. She will comment asap.thanks, Lee

    1. Thank you Lee..! :)
      I just replace all the photos because yesterday I was taking a photo with a cell phone. And I just add one piece (earring) because yesterday the photo too blur... :(

    2. what's do you mean ER? ER is Emergency room? OMG...I hope Rita is fine thanks...

  5. What a lovely and fun owl-necklace! To think that you have no autumn, the first necklace picks everything so well, I just love that necklace :-)

    1. thanks so much for your compliment margareta..!
      I'm afraid choose wrong color in first necklace... :)