Monday, June 17, 2013

* Challenge Summer Element Blog Hop... #Reveal

I'm sorry late to posting my reveal... :(
I live in Indonesia which
the time difference is 12 hours ahead than US... :)

I plan to posted this last night at 8.00 pm (local time) meaning 8.00 am US time...
I was too tired and sleepy...I did't realize until I fall asleep... ^_^

Now was monday at 10.20 am here, meaning still sunday (US time)...
Please forgive for my
negligence... ^_^

Well...I'm happy joining "challenge Summer Element Blog Hop"...
Thanks so much Mrs Rita "Toltec Jewels" as the host of this blog hop... :)

My country Indonesia only have 2 seasons...dry season and wet or rainy season...
In most parts of Indonesia, the rainy season falls between November until May (low season), and the dry season between June until October (high season)...
Now is June, so it was dry season...

I live in a village of small town in central of Java...there are many rice field in here...

...rice field...

...rice grains...

In June, most of the farmers have already harvest their rice plant...
After harvest, we will see heaps of straw in their fields...

...after harvest...

Around our house, we have a lot of fruits plant...
My father likes to plant any fruit trees since I was a kid...
There are dragon fruit, mango, rambutan, matoa, soursop, lemon and longan fruit...
But in June, only longan fruit will to bear fruit...

...longan tree...
...matoa tree...

Today (24th June), I add some photos of our fruits because many readers never see them... :) 
I understand because those are tropical fruit and only live in tropics...
I only have some picture of my fruits...picture of my rambutan, longan and dragon fruit..... longan fruit detail... dragon fruit ( January 2012 )...
...harvest of my rambutan fruit ( December 2011 )...
Because another fruits not to bear fruit in June, so I add pictures of another fruits from internet...  :) fruit ( harum manis variant )...
...soursop fruit...
...matoa fruit...

I make necklace and bracelet for Summer Element blog hop"...
I hope will describe "summer" in everywhere although we never seen... :)


...Summer necklace...

...Summer bracelet...
...Summer bracelet...
I used stainless wire ( and hammering it ), coral stone, lampwork bead and sweet clasp... ^_^
The stainless wire is one of "BOM! challenge" prizes... :)
I love the cute.... :)

...detail of clasp...
Happy summer everyone... ^_^

And here's the Summer Elements Blog Hop Participants :

Toltec Jewels (Hostess)
Marlene Cupo         
Cheri Reed              
Ailsa Cordner          
Nan Smith               
Sherri Stokey           
Christie (Charis Designs)
Carolyn Lawson       
Susie Harris              
Andrea Glick-Zenith 
Nelly May                
Melissa Trudinger     
Dini Bruinsma           
Kathy Lindemer       
Cory Tompkins        
Robin Reed             
Gina Hockett           
Karen Martinez       
Jasvanti Patel           
Solange Collin          
Karla Morgan          
Anindita Basu           
Alicia Marinache      
Andrea Trank          
Mischelle Fanucchi   
Tanty Sri Hartanti      >> you are HERE...!
Shaiha Williams        
Mary Govaars          
Becca Sirevaag        
Lennis Carrier          
Regina Wood           
Sue Kennedy           
Kathleen Breeding   


  1. I have to admit that I did not know rice was grown that way.. Thanks for showing that. I love your pieces.. Especially the bracelet.. Wayyy Cool. Have a great summer :)

  2. The beauty of your country certainly comes through perfectly. I would so love to taste all those wonderful fuits you mentioned, and your creations are so bright and cheerful.

    1. Thank you Marlene...
      Come to my home and I'll give you those typical fruits... :)

  3. The fruit sounds wonderful (I love mangoes with a passion!) and the jewellery is beautiful!

    1. I love mango too...many mango are available in here.. :)
      thank you mellisa... ^_^

  4. Thank you for sharing, Tanti. I very much enjoyed reading your post and your jewelry is deliciously bright & summery!

    1. thank you sherri...compliment from you makes me proud... :)
      I love your macrame work...! ^_^

  5. I like the Summer bracelet very much, with all those sweet♥ little details. The colours are so vivid!

  6. Tanti,

    Today is the first day of summer here, and what a treat to see your beautiful summer jewelry! The coral beads and pink lampwork is lovely. Your stainless steel wire work is very elegant, perfectly done. The necklace and bracelet are beautiful, Tanti!

    I am delighted to get to see Indonesia too! Mailing a package to you last year (I think it was during the low season, right? :), I tried to imagine where you lived and what it was like. Now, I see your beautiful home! Thank you for sharing photos. The rice fields and harvest are so new to me. Very neat to see! And the fruit you have is amazing. I have never seen rambutan, matoa, soursop, lemon and longan fruit -- only mango and dragon fruit.

    Seeing your home in the summertime is a gift. Seeing your beautiful jewelry is also a gift. I'm so glad we are friends, dear Tanti! Your blog is lovely, your jewelry is lovely, and so are you.


    1. you say nice thing... :)
      thank you for your compliment...
      and many thanks as the host for this blog are great! :)
      yes I got your package on the end of December last year... :)
      please come to Indonesia especially bali, lombok and raja ampat...beautiful place in my country... ^_^

    2. beside that, I add some pictures of those fruit, so people in other country will know them like what... :)

  7. Your photos and jewelry are beautiful. The rice photo is especially pretty. I have never seen rice growing close up. Thank you!

  8. WOW! Love all the pretty photos! And your jewelry is absolutely divine! :) Thanks for sharing!


  9. Thank you for sharing pictures of Summer where you are. I love your wire work and cheerful use of colors.

  10. Thank you for sharing a piece of your world, such beautiful pictures. I love your jewellery.

  11. What a wonderful post! All those exotic tropical fruits - I want to try them. I bet they are yummy. Your necklace and bracelet are really beautiful, so bright and cheerful.

    1. you must try those fruits if you found them... :)
      thank you Liz... :)

  12. Gorgeous jewelry. And all that fruit just makes me jealous. I wish we had such wonderful things growing here.

    1. thank you Gerda...
      I'm sorry almost of those fruits are tropical fruits...but you can plant any fruit trees around your house like my father... :)

  13. weeeee....I love the fruits =D
    And the bracelet is so gorgeous *love it*

    1. Thanks mb lili... ^_^
      Ayo tanam dari skrg mb...anak-cucu bisa merasakan... #kata bpk sy :D